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This cash Register has been discontinued. The replacement of this m/c is sharp UP700.
ER-A570 Electronic Cash Register

Sophisticated yet easy-to-use with advanced features and convenient functions, which is ideal for hospitality retailers. The flat keyboard creates added usability and increased overall productivity.

A Maximum of 99 Departments and 20 000 PLU’s

With the ER-A570’s expandable department capacity, sales by product type, size, shelf location etc. can be tracked easily and quickly creating a wide range of advantages. The standard 240 PLU’s, which can be expanded to 20 000, ensure pricing accuracy and ease of operation as well as prompt customer service.

PLU’s can also be used selectively as sub-departments, adding a new dimension in flexibility.

50 GLU Tables Expandable To 1 100

All restaurants and stores realise the importance of correctly tracking individual customer balances and this important task is made easier with the 50 GLU table capacity which can be expanded to an astonishing 1 100, offering the maximum in usability. Recalling previous balances and subsequent reorder entries is quick and easy. The GLU function also helps ensure accurate guest checks.

80 One-touch Entries, Expandable To 240

Assigning an item to each individual key speeds up processing and reduces operator error as well. The ER-A570 has 80 direct keys, expandable to 240 on 3 separate levels – simply pressing the level key and replacing the overlay gives you a different menu. Key assignments can be changed just as easily.

Easy To Read Dot Matrix Operator Display

The ER-A570 features an illuminated operator display, which indicates department and PLU items text, miscellaneous function descriptions and mis-operation comments.

High-Speed Printing

A fast printing speed of 2.5 lines per second is just one advantage offered by the ER-A570’s high-speed printing system. Detailed receipts and reports can be easily produced. In addition, logos or special sales messages can be included on customer receipts.

In-line/On-line in Real-time

Put your business all together with these efficient networks. Sharp’s in-line system connects up to 16 ECR’s, allowing one master ECR to collect and process sales data in real-time from all ECR’s, as well as sending precept data. With the on-line system transfer of data between ECR’s and an external computer is easily accomplished through an RS-232 interface. Sales data can be transferred from the ECR to the PC and processed via database or spreadsheet programmes while data pre-set in the computer can be sent to the ECR’s (this function requires special software).

Convenient User-Defined Flat Keyboard

The ER-A570 features a streamlined design and flat keyboard with a handy 158 keys easily configured to suit your exact requirements. The flat keyboard facilitates easy layout changes and new layouts such as menus can be simply and quickly inserted.

  • Pop-up Display
  • VAT/Tax Registration
  • Currency Exchange – 9 Rates
  • Push Down Clerk Key
  • 6-digit PLU Free Code
  • Set PLU
  • Link PLU
  • PLU Grouping Function
  • Single Line Validation With 47 Digits
  • Sentinel Security Function
  • Stacked Report Function


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