Sharp UP-700 Electronic Cash Register

Whip your restaurant into shape with the UP-700’s user friendly and advanced features. From quick thermal printing to easy programming and convenient IR input, the Sharp UP-700 is a high performance ECR designed to keep both customers and staff happy.

Speedy and Quiet Thermal Printing

The high-speed thermal printer silently prints at approximately 17 lines per second. Detailed receipts and reports with information such as sales item names, the cashier’s name and commercial messages can be printed out, giving customers a clear record of their purchases.

The condensed printing function (vertical spacing only) cuts down on the consumption, and frequent replacement, of journal paper.

Ethernet Communication

The Sharp UP-700’s unique Ethernet allows the user to programme and reprogramme the unit quickly and easily, using a PC or Ethernet system.

Easy Programming

On-line Capability

Optional communications features on the Sharp UP-700 allows sales data to be easily and efficiently downloaded to an external PC either directly or via a modem. This also allows pre-set programming to be done on the PC first and later transferred to the ECR when it is convenient.

Ergonomically Designed

The Sharp UP-700’s compact low-profile design makes efficient use of valuable counter space while enhancing operations while the adjustable customer pop-up display allows customers to see the total price easily.

  • 10 Standard Departments, Expendable to 50
  • 1000 Standard PLU’s, Expandable up to 60 000
  • Spill-proof Flat Keyboard
  • Auto-entry Function (Sequential Entry Fee)
  • Overlapped Clerk Function
  • PLU Grouping
  • Bill Separation/Transfer Function
  • Tip Function
  • G.C RCPT, G.C COPY Function
  • Efficient GLU Function
  • 8-Line Operator Display


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