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ER-A470 Electronic Cash Register

Innovative features such as the standard infrared interface, optional programming remote keyboard and easy programming function which, expands your capabilities while simplifying procedures

Large Capacity, Flexible Memory

Optional memory upgrades allow the user to expand the Sharp ER-A470’s standard 12 departments to a total of 50. By expanding the number of available departments, the user can effectively categorise products.

These departments can then be classified into a maximum of 14 groups.

The ER-A470’s memory expansion also allows the end user to increase the standard number of 200 PLU’s to 4 300. Three PLU levels, 8 or 12 character text descriptors and PLU tracking offers out standing inventory control.

High-Quality, High-Speed Printing

The ER-A470 boasts high quality, high-speed dot matrix printing at approximately 3 lines per second. Detailed receipts and reports with information such as sales item names, the cashier’s name and commercial messages can be printed out, giving customers a clear record of their purchases.

Management reports including daily net total, group total, PLU by range and PLU by associated department provide effective inventory and financial analysis tools.

On-line Capability

Optional communications features on the ER-A470 allows sales data to be easily and efficiently downloaded to an external PC either directly or via a modem. This also allows pre-set programming to be done on the PC first and later transferred to the ECR when it is convenient.

Ergonomically Designed

The ER-A470’s compact low-profile design makes efficient use of valuable counter space while enhancing operations.

The 120-key layout has been carefully considered with colour coding by function for maximum ease of use. With the ER-A470’s adjustable customer pop-up display, customers can see the total price easily.

  • Manager Control Function
  • Department Grouping Function
  • 6-digit PLU Free Code
  • 3-level PLU Menu Shift
  • Periodic Total Function
  • HALO (High Amount Lock Out)
  • Non-add Code (Max. 16 Digits)
  • Tax Registration (3 Tax Rates)
  • Auto Key (Max. 5 Keys)
  • Single Line Validation With 55 digits
  • Clerk Training Function
  • Stack Report Function
  • Receipt ON/OFF Function
  • Currency Exchange
  • Easy Programming


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