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ER-A310 Electronic Cash Register

The ER-A310 makes processing sales easier and more reliable. The big display and helpful functions support quick purchase verification, accurate money handling and smooth operation for an added dimension of flexibility and confidence.

Large LED Display For High Visibility

The large, 10 digit LED operator display clearly shows price, total, change and time allowing operators to account for their transactions. The 7-digit customer display shows exactly what is being charged, which raises customer confidence,

Easy Programming Concept

The operator is guided through simple programming tasks by the ER-A310’s prompted programming. The ER-A310 presents cursor-defined options allowing the user to simply input the information along the way. This allows you to programme and modify the terminals simply and efficiently.

Compact And Up To Date Design

The ER-A310 has an ergonomic design allowing for excellent operability.

5-Standard Departments

The ER-A310 is equipped with five standard departments, which are expandable to 30, for efficient sales control. They can be pre-set for quick unit pricing, registering positive or negative items and fast single-item cash sales.

500 Standard PLU’s

The 500 standard PLU’s ensure pricing accuracy, ease of operation and faster customer flow. PLU’s can also be used as customer departments.

High Capacity And Small Footprint Drawer

Five Compartments for bills and eight coin departments ensure your profits are safely sorted and secured.

  • Large LED Display For High Visibility
  • High-Capacity and Small Footprint Drawer
  • Easy Programming Concept
  • Compact and Up-to-Date Design
  • 5 Standard Departments, Expandable Up To 30
  • 500 Standard PLU’s
  • Automatic VAT/Tax Registration
  • Easy Processing Of Combined Payment
  • Validation Printing
  • Flash Reporting




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