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Sharp XEA201 Electronic Cash Register

With a minimum of 32 departments and a maximum of 99, up to 1200 PLU buttons, thermal printing and Electronic Journal the XE-A201 is an easy to use, easy to set-up electronic cash register that offers so


Following the usual Sharp standard the Sharp XE-A201 has been designed to be as easy and comfortable as possible for the operator to use. It also has a small footprint, which makes it perfect if space is at a premium. The self-contained unit means there should be no need for additional items.

The maximum number of 99 departments means that you can easily know the most profitable areas of your business without the necessity of a more expensive machine. You can also have up to 1200 pre-programmed Price Look UP (PLU) buttons, improving customer service as the operator can easily find the product being bought.

Thermal printing and Electronic Journal are features you would not necessarily find on a model of this class. Silent, fast printing is always an advantage and with the Electronic Journal there is no need for two-ply paper or a dual station printer, as the XE-A201 stores up to 2000 lines of transaction data in its memory. The clerk function of up to 15 clerks means you will always know which members of staff are responsible for transactions - an excellent way of cutting fraud.

An RS232 board means that the XE-A201 can communicate with a PC and download sales data, making it easier for you to create reports

  • Maximum of 99 departments
  • Maximum of 1200 Price Look Ups (PLU)
  • Maximum of 15 clerk codes
  • Thermal printing
  • RS232 port
  • Electronic Journal storing up to 2000 lines of transaction data
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