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Gold G215 Cash Register
  • Up to 10 depatments(6 as standard)           

 Provide sales revenue distribution by individual departments.

  • 500 PLU's

stores preset prices up to 200/500 items.

  • 6 Clerk totals

Provide automatic productivity reports for sales clerks. Secret mode support.

  • 4 Finalizing keys

Easily process combined payments of cash, cheque, change and MISC.

  • Calculator function and automatic tax calculation function

Provides 4 rates of VAT or 2 rates of add-on tax calculations.

  • European, Scandinavian and Danish rounding calculation function

Facilities and speeds rounding calculation.

  • G215 Euro conversion rate

Can be programmed with the Euro value printed when totals are taken.

  • Period to date reports (X2/Z2)

allows easy sales monitoring and analysis of customer trends.

  • Hourly activity sales reports

Enables gross sales analysis on hourly basis.

  • Cash in drawer declaration reports

Compares value of cash in drawer with memory total, and indicates any discrepancy.

  • Presettable precentage keys

allows precentage discount or premium on individual item or on total sale.

  • Date and time printing
  • Pop-up type customer display
  • 1 station drum printer
  • Reliable metal drawer base as standard


Sharp cash registers,Sharp epos, till, Stock control



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