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arrowanim.gif (883 bytes)ECRINT provides an interface between cash registers,   PC's and stock systems, giving users facilities for data collection and programming of multiple ECR's from a single non-dedicated PC.

arrowanim.gif (883 bytes)Multiple cash register manufacturers and ranges of tills are supported enabling sites to be updated in a planned manner rather than requiring that all tills be upgraded to the same type from the outset.

arrowanim.gif (883 bytes)Remote modem connections are also supported without the need for costly

arrowanim.gif (883 bytes)ECR-INT provides the following major functionality :-

                                                              arrowanim.gif (883 bytes)Data collection from cash registers

                                                              arrowanim.gif (883 bytes)Sales analysis

                                                              arrowanim.gif (883 bytes)Programming of ECR's

                                                              arrowanim.gif (883 bytes)Unattended operation

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