Sharp up-3301 Colour Touch Screen epos system

Busy Retail/Hospitality

The UP-3301 is designed to be a responsive solution for both the quick and table service environments. Everything about the UP3301 is designed to cut valuable seconds from the bar and food service process. Independent research has shown that touch screen Technology can increase customer flow by up to 30%. The UP-3301 uses Sharp’s unparalleled LCD technology with its strong protective lens and optimal glare.

Whether you're an independent restaurant or part of a large-scale enterprise, the Sharp UP-3301 with its brilliant touch screen display and embedded software delivers a full array of highly advanced features to optimise your business operations.

This easy-to-use, practical Sharp UP-3301 full colour, touch screen terminal has been specifically designed for busy, time-sensitive businesses. Compact and unobtrusive, the UP-3301 readily fits into any environment where it has all the right ingredients for maximum impact.

A parameter-driven terminal, it is easy to install and set up and requires minimal employee training in industries known for high staff turnover. A highly visible 10.4" LCD touch screen displays a common-sense menu using colour codes to group products together. Transactions can be entered, quickly, efficiently and accurately, with the minimum of fuss.

Additionally, this Euro-compatible terminal has customer friendly features, including table transfer, bill splitting and mix and match capabilities. There are a whole host of other options to optimise the way the UP-3301 helps you do business. For internet or PC communications other equipment is necessary.



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Powerful LCD Touch POS Screen System Designed For The Hospitality Market
Easy To Operate Touch Screen POS
10.4" Duty Colour LCD Touch Screen POS
Standard Real Time Ethernet Communications
64 bit Clerk Lock System (Keys Optional)
Two RS232 Ports Ensuring Flexibility & Expansion
Unique Small Footprint With An In-built Printer Option
Adjustable Screen Angle Top Maximise View Quality In All Environments
Stock Control
Table Tracking
Bill Transfer Facility
Bill Split Facility
Person Tracking