Sharp introduces the point of sale (POS) terminal, model UP-X300, for restaurants, pubs, bars, and cafeterias. The powerful built-in software provides full reliability, extendibility, and flexibility to fit the most demanding hospitality markets.

The UP-X300 offers all the functionality necessary to run a restaurant, all in a package that boasts a bright, easy-to-use LCD with GUI touch panel. The UPX300 is a truly amazing system.

The UP-X300 is a flexible all-in-one solution combining reliable hardware and brilliant display with powerful built-in software on the stable CompactFlash platform. The easy to install and use UP-X300 terminal was developed after extensive research within the UK market, and reflects the needs of this demanding sector. Many new features, such as the “86 item function” and “repeat round”, have been incorporated while sophisticated table management, split bills, time-sensitive promotions and cooking to customer-specific tastes now come as standard functions.

The UP-X300 can be link to the Sharp UP-X200


Colour LCD Touch Screen

Brilliant 12.1-Inch Backlit TFT Colour LCD The 16-bit XGA-resolution (1,024 x 768) LCD provides highend graphics with exceptional clarity and wide viewing angles. The analogue touch panel is equipped with customised control settings to meet your needs.

CompactFlash Memory

The UP-X300 comes standard with a CompactFlash disk./font>

Contactless Clerk Key Option

Without the need for an electrical connection or insertion into the POS, the Contactless Clerk Key minimises wear on the POS. ID codes for individual clerks are encrypted for security.

Increased System Extendibility

Making the most of your POS system, two standard USB ports, three standard RS-232 ports, and Ethernet LAN port give you the flexibility and range to build a customised configuration.

Stylish and Durable Design

The sleek, modern, and low-profile cabinet design fits easily into small spaces and blends smoothly into any hospitality environment. The durable, spill-resistant surface safeguards against spills and wet hands.

Optional Accessories

Customer displays, cash drawers, printers, a scanner, and an integrated 3-track MCR (magnetic card reader) are all available options to enhance your POS system.

Pre-loaded application software

Powerful essential software for the ultimate in convenience and efficiency

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Touch Panel

The UP-X300 is equipped with a colour LCD touch panel. Operation can be performed by touching the screen that appears in the window of the display. The screen layout for registration and keys can be edited by your supplier, providing easy operation and flexible screen design.

Graphical Table Layout

The UP-X300 has a number of useful functions. You can design a restaurant table arrangement layout in the screen. The UP-X300 shows each table with an assigned number and displays information such as the number of seats, check number, guest counter. It is also possible to join tables, reserve tables, or prohibit the use of tables. The UPX300 can also display the stage of service for tables. For example, the service stage of no orders, starters, main meals, desserts, payment, or cleaning can be viewed by different table colours. You can easily identify free tables or the current service stage of each table. In the graphical table layout screen, the convenient Table Alert function can initiate the flashing of tables that have not been served within a defined time interval. The Automatic Table Search function finds tables for your guests or puts them on a waiting list until a table is available. As soon as a suitable table is free, a message is automatically displayed and guides you to open the table for the waiting guests. The graphical table layout also allows you to manage your service efficiently. You can define service sections and assign servers to each section.

  Bill Separation

This function allows you to separate a group of orders into individual bills, simply by dragging and dropping the items. It also allows you to automatically split bills by entering the number of persons or the payment amount.

Combo Meal Function

The Combo Meal function lets you combine two or more menu items into a single stroke entry. For the associated PLUs, 3 types of prices (ordinary price, mark-up price, and discount price) can be programmed. The mark-up price is used for largeportion requests, and the discount price is used for small portions such as a child’s meal.

Condiment Entries

The UP-X300 lets restaurants cater to the specific desires of guests. For example, entering a menu-item PLU brings up a message such as "How cooked?" and offers the key entry of RARE, MED.RARE, and WELLDONE. The UP-X300’s condiment table items can be entered for each menu item in one set or by multiplication entry. So it's no problem if your guest wants to decide on the set menu's dessert after eating the main meal. The Later Dessert function allows you to order a non-specific dessert for a table and enter the real dessert order later.

Promotion Functions

Various pre-programmed menu specials are provided to support your promotion activities. Each promotion can be activated for a time interval, on valid weekdays, during a valid month, and for a defined period.

1 Automatic Modifier is used in pubs and restaurants for quick and easy registration. Modifier items from a promotion table are automatically registered instead of the original item. You can also operate it manually via a modifier key.

2 Convenient Mix-and-Match functions are available for selling bundled articles under special conditions such as a special price, with a discount, or with an item free of charge.

3 Happy Hour Price allows you to register up to 20 different event prices.

Repeat Round Entries

When the [REPEAT ROUND] key is touched, the PLUs are reordered based on the last order. Those PLUs which have been programmed as “repeat round: yes” can be repeated by touching the [REPEAT ROUND] key once.

Mail Function

Messages can be sent from the server to each clerk’s machine. The received message can be displayed on the UP-X300 screen and is also printable.

Employee / Server Function

The UP-X300 allows you to define the authorisation level of employees/servers. For each staff member, individual functions can be blocked, password protected, or compel a reason code entry. By tracking the check in/out and break times of your employees and providing Manager Edit, the UP-X300 establishes a sound base for workforce management. In a multiple terminal environment, the Overlapped Clerk function and Remote Sign Off feature allow you to easily serve your customer at any terminal


  • Brilliant 12.1-inch Backlit TFT Colour LCD
  • Compact Flash memoery
  • Contactless Clerk Key Option*
  • Increased System Extensibility
  • Stylish and Durable Design


  • Graphical user Interface (GUI) Touch Panel
  • Graphical Table Layout
  • Bill Separation
  • Combo Meal Function
  • Condiment Entries
  • Promotion Functions
  • Repeat Round Entires
  • Mail Function
  • Employee / Server Function
Operator Display 12.1-inch TFT Colour LCD (XGA) with backlight
Customer Display
Internal type and Pole type
2 lines x 20 characters
Keyboard Analogue touch screen
Resolution 1024 x 768 dots
Drawer ports 2 ports
CompactFlash Memory 128 Mb
Main Memory 128Mb standard
Ethernet LAN TCP/IP 10Base-T/100Base-TX
I/O Port / External Bus RS-232 x3 - USB2.0 x 2
Departments Max. 99
PLUs Max. 5000
Employee Control Yes
Power Source AC 230 - 240 Volts ~ 10% 50Hz
Power Consumption 43 Watts (operating)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 307 x 311 x 284 mm
Weight 5.5 Kg