ER-A770 Electronic Point of Sale

A compact EPOS system, with the necessary speed for busy hospitality environments.

With the Sharp ER-A770 there is no need to give up lots of space in order to gain impressively fast processing speed. With its compact design it packs a powerful performance that gives you more effective control over your business.

This is a big advantage in the hospitality industry where speed is a necessity. Transactions are rapidly processed by the machine’s advanced software and transferred throughout the network to give speedy access to other terminals. And, thanks to the Overlap Clerk function, staff aren’t kept waiting to use the terminal if someone is already in the middle of a transaction. You will soon see the benefits of the Sharp ER-A770.

  • Fast processing and transfer of transactions across the network.
  • Small footprint with an attractive design.
  • Overlap Clerk function lets staff operate more efficiently.
  • Opened Table Report shows which tables are in use and allows additional entries to bills.
  • One bill can follow customer from bar to table to hotel room.
  • Bill Separating lets each person in a group pay individually.
  • Electronic Journal stores transactions in the machine's memory, eliminating the need for a journal printer and saving paper.
  • Optimum viewing from a 5.6" mono LCD display with brightness controls and tilt mechanism.


Sharp ER-A770 cash registers


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ER-A 770

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