Sharp UP-600 Electronic Cash Register

Includes barcode-scanning interface and combines it with the advanced Sharp features, bringing speed, accuracy and reliability in one sophisticated ECR. Take a step ahead of the competition and upgrade your overall store image with this dynamic ECR.

The Barcode Advantage

The advantages of barcode entry are endless – elimination of operator error, dramatically reduced time at the checkout, consistently accurate registration and transaction handling, instant mark-down and special sale processing to name just a few. Upgraded customer service is also made possible with bar-coded member’s cards and automatic registering of purchase credits. The sophisticated barcode scanning interface, standard to the Sharp UP-600, also allows easy stock control and product management, increasing the overall efficiency and sales potential of any store.

Easy Registration/Quick Transaction Processing With Maximum 60 000 EAN’s

The Sharp UP-600’s standard interface can make your business a whole lot more productive. Add the optional hand scanner and efficiency increases dramatically. This allows anybody to be a cashier without hours of training, which means you no longer have to depend upon skilled personnel for fast and accurate registration. With 1000 standard EAN’s, expandable to 60 000, all it takes to make registrations and process transactions is one quick scan, which means accuracy is guaranteed while mistakes virtually disappear.

Easy Price Change

For special sales and markdowns, prices can be changed right at the register without interrupting regular transactions. Especially convenient for cashiers, this allows price changes even on sale products without the correct sale price marked. Entering the sale price beforehand is also extremely easy.

Customer Management With A Maximum 8000 Customer Files

It is important for any store to please their customers and being able to meet the needs of your customers exactly can be the way to attract regular patronage. The UP-600 makes all this, and more, possible with the customer management function. By creating a member’s card unique to your store, each customer can be assigned a number. With this, you can track individual customer data easily and quickly, provide special credit and bonuses and even give discounts to special customers (in conjunction with price change function). Itemised customer data brings more business opportunities by identifying appropriate product selection and streamlining inventory.

The standard 50 customer files can be expanded to a maximum 8 000.

Handy Barcode Book Input

Using the barcode book makes setting of text such as special product names, personnel or departments easy, eliminating the multiple steps necessary with key only operation.

Auto Delete Function

The auto delete function allows products which are not selling within a designated period to be automatically deleted from the master product file, showing at a glance which products are selling well and which are not. This also gives a much more effective use of limited store space.

Ethernet/On-line in Real-time

Put your business all together with these efficient networks. Sharp’s Ethernet system connects up to 16 ECR’s, allowing one master ECR to collect and process sales data in real-time from all ECR’s, as well as sending precept data. With the on-line system, transfer of data between ECR’s and an external computer is easily accomplished through an RS-232 interface. Sales data can be transferred from the ECR to the PC and processed via database or spreadsheet programmes while data pre-set in the computer can be sent to the ECR’s (this function requires special software).

  • 1000 PLU’s/EAN's Expandable To 60 000
  • 20 Departments Expandable To 99
  • 6 VAT/Tax Registration
  • Link PLU
  • Full Reporting Function
  • Auto Entry
  • Training Function
  • Large multi-line LCD display
  • Quick and quiet thermal printing


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